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Tuscaloosa Marine Shale (TMS)

At Tuscaloosa-Marine-Shale.com, our focus is info for mineral rights and royalty rights owners.

The Tuscaloosa Marine shale is an oil and gas "play" in Louisiana and Mississippi that is enjoying renewed interest. Over the 20 year period prio to, say, 2012, some drilling occurred but it did not prove to be anything to write home about. Now, companies are hoping that better technology can get the oil and gas out. In certain parts of the play, we know that there is oil and gas there, it's just a matter of producing it in paying quantities. Which is a big IF. One of the problems is depth; it's from 10,000 to 15,000 feet subsurface.

The Tuscaloosa Marine shale is almost the same geological age as the Eagle Ford shale of south Texas; it's just slightly younger. It stretches all across central Louisiana over into the Florida parishes, on into Mississippi. Downdip to the south, gas production has been found in Tuscaloosa sands.

Many companies are interested in considering lands anywhere in the USA but the focus on this site is for information for those who wish to sign oil and gas leases or selling mineral rights and royalty rights in central Louisiana and Mississippi. At this time, those who own mineral rights under small tracts will need to be patient and wait awhile, as the larger tracts are where the interest lies in a new play.

Tuscaloosa Marine Shale Map

Here is a map that shows where the Tuscaloosa Marine shale might be found.


The map shows parishes where there is interest in obtaining oil and gas leases or mineral rights and royalty rights in Louisiana.



 UPDATE JUNE 26, 2013 : There has been more drilling in the play since this site was created. In Louisiana, the parishes emboldened above are the only parishes that are showing real potential at this time. That may change. And, as far as Rapides parish goes, drilling has not produced good results yet. Same thing for Tangipahoa. Those two parishes are the far western and eastern limits at this time. So, those parishes in the middle, from Avoyelles to St. Helena, are the ones currently in the prospective fairway. Maybe the far northwest part of Tangipahoa. Note that Concordia Parish is in the prospective fairway, yet there isn't anything to report yet. But, it's in between Avoyelles and West Feliciana, so, there ya go! Also bear in mind that in any of these parishes, where your property is in the parish makes a huge difference. A mile or two can mean "make or break" and these parishes are pretty tall north to south. It could end up being a narrow strip that is productive, just like there is in the Eagle Ford shale play of South Texas.

During 2012 and 2013, drilling activity picked up. Companies who have drilled wells include Devon, Indigo Minerals, Encana, Goodrich, EOG and Halcon. So far, Encana and Goodrich have drilled a handful of decent wells. EOG, Devon, Indigo and Halcon have not had as much success, but, it's still early in the game. Here is to hope one of them will really figure this play out! It will likely be on into 2014 before we know if the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale will "work" anywhere. And it will be years beyond that before the extents of the play are defined, as that will require hundreds of wells to be drilled.

The key Mississippi counties are Wilkinson County and Amite County. The extreme southwestern tip of Pike County may be productive. In fact, regarding the entire play, Wilkinson County and Amite County, Mississippi are the core of the play. Bearing in mind that the play is not a commercial success yet in that only a handful of commercial wells have been completed. As stated, the hope is that by sometime in 2014, we can, in fact, declare the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale (TMS) a commercial success. What we need is a few more good wells to prove that success is repeatable, not sporadic. Because they must be able to drill and complete good wells across a broad area, else, it won't work, because these wells are the most expensive in the entire USA and it won't dollar up without widespread success! Can you imagine spening $17 million to drill one hole in the groun? Sheesh! They say they can get it down to $15 million each and then their longer-term goal is $13 million each. They will have to drill some barn burners to make that profitable and we can sure hope they figure it out! Here's to American ingenuity!

Texas and Louisiana are fortunate, in that there are two other shale plays, the Eagle Ford shale and also the Haynesville shale. Those two shale plays are proven to produce oil and/or gas in commercial quantities. The Tuscaloosa Marine shale is new; thus, only time will tell if it will bring blessings of oil royalties and gas royalties for mineral rights owners and royalty owners.

Leasing -- Oil Gas & Mineral Lease

As for those who are not experienced in oil and gas leasing matters, here is the way it works. Lessees pay a lease bonus to the Lessor, on a per acre basis, for a lease on your mineral rights. This gives them the right to drill for oil and gas. The lease provides that if they strike oil or gas, they will pay you a royalty, a percentage of the production revenue. The lease bonus is a set amount. The royalty payment fluctuates with the production each month, as well as the price received for oil and gas produced. As with any oil and gas property, it is a depleting asset; the production, on a month-to-month basis, is constantly declining. It's just the nature of the beast... the well is tapped into a finite resource, a pool of oil or gas.

If you are seeking an oil and gas lease, contact the link below to the consultant site. Also, it is advised that you let the expert negotiate your lease. The lease contract you sign could be one of the most important contracts you ever sign, so, it is wise to let a pro handle negotiating with oil companies. It is nothing less than amazing to watch well over 90% of every mineral owner sign a lease presented by an oil company. Not the wisest move! By using an experienced oilman consultant, you can get a much better deal! In fact, having an expert mineral rights manager on your team could mean the difference in an absolute fortune coming your way just by the way the deal is negotiated and drawn up.  If you have, say, 40 acres or more that is not leased and wish to lease it, contact an experienced mineral rights manager/consultant through the link below. 

Sell Mineral Rights

Some would like to cash out and enjoy a big cash payday. One can sell their mineral rights or a portion of them for a cash settlement. There are many reasons people elect to sell mineral rights... perhaps they are tired of dealing with it, or maybe they inherited it and know nothing about mineral rights management. Or they wish to buy something they want or need, such as a house, a car, a boat, a lifetime vacation, provide for a child's education, or perhaps, they just want a to enjoy a windfall to ease the struggle of day-to-day living. Some people sell because they know of the risks inherent to oil and gas exploration. Dry holes occur. Geological anomalies occur. Things go wrong mechanically. Operators go bankrupt. Oil prices crash. Who knows, the entire U.S. and even world economy could go into a tailspin! There are, truly, many risks! Here is a site discussing "why sell mineral rights." In Louisiana, mineral owners have a tremendous advantage, in that the mineral deed creates a servitude and this servitude lasts for ten years. After the ten years, if production has not been found, the mineral rights go back to the property owner. That's a good deal for Louisiana landowners. Selling mineral rights is the only option for many people to generate a large sum of money. If one finds a company to buy mineral rights, the seller can retain the land, so, it can be a wise choice for some.  If you wish to sell mineral rights (even small tracts, there is no minimum size), click on the link below. 

If you want to lease your land or seek a mineral rights buyer to sell royalty rights, and/or producing oil royalties or gas royalties, you can visit here:

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Good luck in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale!